130826 Super Junior Twitter Updates [With Trans]: Zhou Mi, Henry, Shindong, Siwon & Kyuhyun

Zhou Mi’s Tweet ~ Lols, you too ^^


Henry’s Tweet ~ 143 you too 🙂

143! jus arrived! hello LA!


Shindong’s Tweet ~ Handsome ^^

In Osaka


Shindong’s Tweet ~ Lol … good morning foot indeed

Good morning! Foot!!^^


Siwon’s Tweet ~ Why do you mean Siwonnie ? :O

daily gate of thanks. lets do it together :^)

Kyuhyun’s Tweet ~ Once in a blue moon has happened; Cho Kyuhyun tweeted !

Trans Cr : NK-Subs

Watching all of Super Star K 5 episodes.. My idol Han Gyung Il sunbaenim.. While dreaming of becoming a singer, as a student I always sang “I loved one person”, “Sad invitation”, “Half of my life” at karaoke.. Ah, I want to go to karaokeㅜㅜ Park Jae Han-nim, I am cheering for you!!


Please take out translations with credits to the original translators.

Chinese translations by: Admin Carol (SuperAusELFs)

Please take Carol’s translations out with credits!!
Article by: The Princess Line

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