130830 Welcome Back Heechul ! Heenim Kiss compilation ~

So, our wonderful Milky Skinned Kim Heechul is back from the army !  We have missed you so much and we can’t wait to have you spam us on sns again (although you already have), scare neitzens, cross dress and be your amazing larger than life self !  So, in true SuperAusELF stlye we are going to make a compilation list of Heechul’s kisses with the members.  Enjoy! Also Heechul might find this useful so he can work out who he still needs to kiss 😛

1.Heechul’s Kiss with Sungmin!

This is possibly the most famous one ~

2.Heechul’s Kiss with Siwon

3.Heechul’s Kiss with Henry

4.Heechul’s Kiss with Eunhyuk

5.Hangeng ~only on the cheek though 😦


Heechul said after his girlfriend said he was bad at kissing he went back to the dorm and practised kissing with Kibum :O


Well technically this is Teuk kissing Chul 😛

8. Kyuhyun

Kisses in general ~~ 😛


Heechul’s Kiss with Jungmo of Trax

Kisses to be ~

Some members have managed (to ELFs knowledge) to avoid Heenim’s kisses ! I wonder for how long :3

  1. Donghae

This was a close call ~ But our fish stays true to Hyuk ~

2. Ryeowook

3.Zhou Mi

4. Shindong



Well ! That’s it ~ Hope you enjoyed that ! Heechul there are still six members to go :O Now that you are back go and attack~ 😛

Article by : The Princess Line

We do not own any of the videos.


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