131106 Super Junior 8 Years Anniversary Photo & Twitter update

From SMTOWN Weibo



“Super junior is flying to Mexico for the SUPER SHOW 5 Concert in MEXICO CITY!!”










Siwon’s twitter update

“I love you ” hyuk til da “@AllRiseSilver “

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Eunhyuk Twitter update 1

“@siwon407: I love you ” hyuk til da “@AllRiseSilver give me your love “maon”

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tweet 2

“사랑하기 때문에 할 수 있었던거 알죠? 멕시코,런던 공연 잘 하고 올께요! 8년동안 사랑해줘서 고마워요 우리도 더 사랑해 줄께요~ 엘프만세! 슈주만세! 우리는 슈퍼주니어에요!!!!!”

Trans: do you know we did this for you right? we will do well for our concerts in Mexico and London  and then coming back! In these 8 years, thanks you, we are going to love you more, ELF lives forever, SJ lives forever! we are Super Juni-or !!!!!

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tweet 3

“케미 쩔….”

Trans: looks similar …

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Tweet 4


Trans: in the resting room

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Tweet 5

“이번 출장은 와이스타일 여권지갑과 함께!”

Trans: working overseas with Y-Style passport holder this time!

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Tweet 6

“공항까지 나와주신 기자님들 감사드리구요~ 포토월과 레드카펫, 케잌까지 준비해준 SM스탭분들 고마워요!!! 멕시코,런던 슈퍼쇼 잘하고 올께용”

Trans: thank you for all the journalists who came today, SM staffs who prepared the photographic wall, red car carpet and cake, thank you!!! we will come back with finishing the concert well



Donghae twitter update 1

“슈주 오랫가자 ^^ 늘 고 맙 고 사 랑 한 다 !! SJ & ELF”

Trans: SUJU Let’s walking until the end ^^ thank you I love you SJ&ELF

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Tweet 2

“8주년 기념 !^^ 5학년때 핸드볼 선수일때 🙂 왼쪽 밑에서 세번째 ^^ 동해입니다 멕시코 , 런던 Super Show5 다녀올께요”

Trans: 8 years anniversary! ^^ i was one of the members of handball team when i was in year 5:) at the left bottom the third one ^^ is donghae. we will back after Super Show 5 in Mexico and London!

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Heechul instagram update 1

“Super Junior 8주년 축하축하합니다♡ 우리도 Elf들도 수고했다. 난 영국, 멕시코를 안가기 때문에 공항패션만 찍고 다시 감ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 여자들은 잘 모르는 <LOL> 리신… ”

Trans:Super Junior 8 years anniverary, congrats congrats ♡ members and ELF are hwaiting I am not going to London and Mexico. i’ll leave after taking the airport fashion photographs ㅋㅋㅋㅋsome girls may not know <LOL> , this is monk cos-play



instagram update 2

“이건 리신이 아니라 그냥 병신인데..”

Trans: this is not Lysine, this is just an idiot…



weibo update

“Super Junior 八周年了,祝贺祝贺,同时还要感谢大家!对于现在不在我们身边的朋友也一直觉得有点对不起,同时也要感谢他们!周觅和henry这段时间也很辛苦,但是一直牵着哥哥们的手走到现在,谢谢你们!还有最重要的 ELF,谢谢你们”

Trans: Super Junior 8 years anniverary, congrats congrats and thank you everyone at the same time! I feel sorry to the friends that i am not by their side at the moment but thanks them at the same time! ZhouMi and Henry were working hard these days, but they held hands with hyungs until now, thank you! The most important ELF, thank you [男孩儿][女孩儿]


Translation by Admin sunnie

Please take out translations with credits



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