140322 SJM Press Conference Fan Account Compilation


Hyuk sitting on table and wook doing sit ups. Other members taking selcas with phone and fans screaming!!! Pls post selcas cr @sj_iriszhu

Hyuk bangs up, hae bangs down with shades. All in black and will take off jacket mid way. Dance step include jumping up and down tables!! cr @sj_iriszhu

Wooh office setting is moved on stage!!! Like MV!!!!  cr @sj_iriszhu

Talking about other thinfs, before the fans enter the venue, they (SJM) went in to rehearse, while going up the stage Hyukjae spread his legs but didn’t spread high enough, got stuck half way and nearly fell, the members at the side and back hurry held him. He himself was laughing and scared at the same time  cr @woonwookhaehyuk

In midst of one of the rehearsals donghae lost his shoe LOL Cr @mish_shellx  [Blue_浅光SJ团站]


donghae: long time no see, i am donghae. qin ai the bao bei men cr fluffyharu

\Kyu said the same things again. u are now watching Kyuhyun… @Luv_Opera:



Hyuk: donghae one made a mistake while dancing And i still remember his eyes~looking at the cameraman like he lost his gf.  If one member makes a mistake, we have to do it again. We dont hate the member who makes mistakes, but i hopr he knows 60 staffs have @eSTARstar

Hyuk said they filmed Chinese/Korean version MV <33 @the_Chess:

Mc: were there any funny episodes with desks during filming
Kyu: no there are no episodes @eSTARstar

Henry said that My love for u is the first song he wrote with chinese, previously he used english  and then translate to chi.cr: ShineHyuk trans via  Mikolah @Luv_Opera

Zhou Mi: (in regards to their image) We can’t be students because we are not that young anymore so we are portraying as working adults cr @teukables

Hyuk: first, we will try our best to meet chinese fans, and we plan to perform on korean music programs cr estarstar

Hyuk: there are a lot of points in the dance ..i feel like doing the whole dance..

Everyone: !!!

Hyuk: but theres no time so I shall show one part cr  @teukables:

Siwon and Hyuk kept playing with the chairs, siwon pushed his chair down, then pushed hyuk’s down and the push his own’s up. cr:崔始源吧 via Luv_Opera

My love for you is an ost song for henry drama @sj_iriszhu

Article by : Admin Vic


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